Graded aggregate bases for pavements, concrete - plain and reinfoced, masonry units, macadam surfaces and bases, bituminous pavements, skid resistant surfaces, railroad ballast, trickling filter medium, roofing aggregate (built-up and shingle), raw material for mineral wool insulation, backfill of all types and slope protection.

Large Quantity Available In:

19mm                                                   1.46
13mm                                                   1.3

Builders mix 19mm                              1.7

Builders mix 13mm                              1.6
-11mm mix(G6)                                    1.6
-4mm                                                   1.4

Granulated Slag (River sand)              1.2


Element   Material Specification:  
    Reported as: Result
Carbon   C 0,56
Sulphur   S 4,0
Manganese   MnO 0,84
Phosphorous   P205 0,066
Silicon   Si02                   32,0
Chromium   Cr203 0,04
Nickel   NiO                   <0,01
Copper   CuO                   <0,01
Aluminium   Al203                    12,7
Vanadium   V205 <0,005
Titanium   Ti02 0,61
Calcium   CaO                     34,1
Magnesium   MgO 10,3
Potassium   K20 0,88
Cobalt   CoO 0,18
Iron   FeO 1,53